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Zompone bounce
A little animated loop I made for my picarto.
OC is mine, I call her Zombie Pony but might as well just be cute to shorten it to Zompone. :9
Happy Nightmare Night! by its-lizombie
Happy Nightmare Night!
This image is part of the free sample pack from My Little Sweetheart!

It’s Halloween and My Little Sweetheart wants to give all of you wonderful fans a spooky treat! Enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of My Little Sweetheart 4, Happy Holidays, with 12 full resolution digital images!

This folio features:

  • 0r0ch1
  • Chrno
  • Emcee
  • Ereb
  • Eve Ashgrove
  • King Kakapo
  • Lady Beemer
  • Magical Zombie
  • Omg Productions

I have her set as my phone wallpaper and its so cute. <3
My Little Sweetheart 3:  Summer Break by its-lizombie
My Little Sweetheart 3: Summer Break

My Little Sweetheart 3 is now on sale!

My Little Sweetheart is a collaborative effort among some of the fandom’s talented artists to bring you your favorite ponies re-imagined as sexy humans! We are back for our third book and this time, we’re bigger, with more artist variety!

We have a larger cast of new artists, like Demdoodles, Lizombi, Superkeen, Siden and Holivi, joining old favourites like Atryl and Kloudmutt! The art book features over 50 pinups of your favorite main cast ponies and background characters complete with an additional sketch section by some of the artists in the book!

For only $30 on, you will be doing your part to donate all the profits to charity: like in the last artbook, all proceeds will go towards the Lung Cancer Alliance.



For more updates, be sure to visit our tumblr, Confidnetially Cute:…

There’s also our good ol’ blogspot! : mylittlesweetheartbook.blogspo…

You can also order My Little Sweetheart Too! here!

And you can order My Little Sweetheart (Book 1) here!


~*~* Patreon Link Here *~ *~

So unless I sacrifice commission money for food and gas to go into a new tablet, I wont be able to draw digitally.

I am faced with the realization that, my part time job does not help me afford anything more than rent, and I spend all my creative focus on commission art to help me survive, which also pushes back bigger projects (Honeymoon Folio) & bigger commissions that have been on hold (I’m so sorry ;-; ). 

This was a good solution, although I’m not too sure if anyone would really want to help this way… but it was worth a shot.

With a Patreon support I could then focus more on actual projects and completing/offering larger commissions because I wont be distracted trying to get $10 a sketch.

But thats not your fault its only mine. Please give it some thoughtful consideration, because there are plenty of other artists out there who deserve your support more than me.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Art for those adorable candy colored magical equine~

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